A Taste of Vietnam


About Galangal Vietnamese Restaurant

Galangal Restaurant‘s goal is to offer you a culinary journey through our authentic Vietnamese cuisine and traditional street food.

Unlike many other restaurants in Nha Trang, Galangal does not attempt to adapt our recipes to western tastes, rather we strictly comply with traditional Vietnamese cooking methods and use only the freshest ingredients available from local markets.

Offering our street food concept in a clean and safe environment is what makes Galangal a unique dining experience.

Build your confidence with local Vietnamese cuisine by selecting one of our three dining options:

  • Street food buffet: witness our skilled chefs crafting amazing dishes before your eyes as you select as much as you can eat!
  • Tasting menus: Foods from the sea, land, or vegetarian 6 course dinner specially catered to your choosing from our signature dishes.
  • À la carte: including all the dishes from the menu.

Unwind on our terrace bar with our hand-crafted cocktails and enjoy a relaxing environment with friends any time of the day.